Fashion is something that represents the lifestyle of a person. If you ask I would say fashion is different for everyone. Yet we still hear comments like – “Hey look at that dress. That is the new fashion”. “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” said some wise man once. In other words, fashion is your external appearance which can be altered according to your moods. So be fashionable and stylish so that you can forget about the bad things in life and cherish only the pleasant moments. Enough about the philosophy let us look into some facts about fashion.
Fashion does not always mean trendy clothes. You can see fashion in footwear, accessories, furniture, and even in kitchen appliances. You may even see something fashionable if that is famous in current situations or markets. There are so many factors that can influence the fashion industry. If you want to understand this you just have to look into the summer collections and winter collections in the e-commerce sites. The design, style, and material will be different. Just like that, you wear socks in the winter season but you cannot wear the same woolen socks in the summer.There are other factors that will influence your fashion.
Fashion trends can be affected by the current political situations, economic factors, and even technology. The political situation in a country can influence the country’s fashion. People try to imitate what their leader and family are wearing. The best example for this is the fashion trends brought by the first ladies of United States. Another factor that can influence the fashion world is the social events. Designers tend to create beautiful pieces that can be used to convey strong messages to the public even though these trends will not be widely used.
Technology also influences the fashion trends. For example, nowadays you can see 3D printed pieces in the fashion show ramps. The availability of internet has made this easier.Companies are trying to even manufacture dresses with charging facilities and solar panels integrated with the dress or any accessories that you are going to wear. Economic factors also influence the trends. Nowadays customer thinks about several factors before buying an accessory. For example, when you buy a shoe you will think about the material, quality, cost, and durability. Customers will be thinking - better spend extra and buy a durable product.
We think that fashion happens only on ramps and not in our daily lives. If you look at your hairstyle you will understand that it is a unique fashion that you have adopted for yourself. Fashion also will undergo changes and change is inevitable. All the above factors play role in changing the fashion trends. You can see that the current clothing and wearing accessories do not look same as the ones in the 1960s or even 1990s unless you are a fan of retro. Even in early ages, women used to wear high heels but the main intention was to protect their dress from dirt. In summary, fashion is the way to express yourself.